Owner and foundeIMG_1958r, Elizabeth Buchanan began her career as a mortgage broker.  She gained her experience in her home town of West Linn, OR from a locally owned lending and realty company. In 2004 Maid To Shine Cleaning™ was born out of the need and desire of her clients to add a showroom like quality to their homes as their properties were put on display for potential buyers                                                                                                              .

Elizabeth received so much positive feedback from her customers, she decided to take Maid To Shine™ to the next level, and devote her full time and effort to growing her clientele and improving her business. As a result, Maid To Shine Cleaning™ has excelled in providing each client with superior customer service and cleaning customized to their needs all while using Natural, non-toxic cleaning products!

We pride ourselves in being a real homegrown company. We look forward to maintaining that reputation and expanding alongside our desirable community!