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Household tasks can often become a point of contention for couples, leading to disagreements about timing, methods, and responsibilities. According to a survey, a striking 80% of individuals engaged in chores reported experiencing conflicts about housework, spanning from scheduling to execution, sometimes resulting in deliberately subpar efforts to avoid future tasks, straining relationships further.

There is a solution to ease this tension and restore focus to what truly matters–Made to Shine, your key to a harmonious household and happier partnerships. Our services not only save time but also alleviate stress, fostering a healthier dynamic between partners.

Let’s examine the statistics:

The Chore Dilemma:

80% of Respondents Disagree: The majority face disputes concerning housework.

Primary Points of Contention:

  • Timing (53%)
  • Methodology (50%)
  • Assignment (48%)
  • Deliberate Neglect: 67% admit to performing inadequately to evade future responsibilities.
  • Gender Discrepancy: 21% of women and 28% of men are inclined to avoid their share of chores.
  • Double Duty: 61% have had to redo tasks due to their partner’s insufficient efforts.
The Most Common Disagreements About Housework

The Benefits of Outsourcing:

What happens when you delegate your housework?

  • Time Efficiency: 47% reclaim valuable hours.
  • Enjoyable Activities: 46% engage in more pleasurable pastimes.
  • Reduced Stress: 42% experience diminished anxiety levels.
  • Enhanced Relationships: A staggering 62% credit outsourcing chores with relationship improvement.
67% of couples who do chores admitted that they did a poor job on purpose to get out of doing future chores
61% of couples have recleaned after their partner did a poor job

At Made to Shine, we understand the intricacies of modern relationships and the toll exerted by household chores. That’s why we’re committed to making your life simpler and your bond stronger. By entrusting us with your routine house cleaning, bid farewell to excuses and embrace quality time together.

62% of couples believe hiring a house cleaner helped their relationship

Why let chores hinder your connection? Let Made to Shine handle the grunt work while you focus on cultivating cherished moments together.

Source: ‘Modern Love and Household Responsibilities’ Survey