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Plant love is a big part of our business, we provide eco-friendly cleaning practices to keep your home safer, and the planet less polluted by chemicals. We exclusively use our in-house brand of plant based non-toxic cleaners, Nurturals along with a line of organic essential oils.

As winter approaches we are gearing up for colder, months ahead. Spending more time indoors can be made pleasant by not only keeping a tidy, routinely cleaned home, but also by adopting some plant babies of your own! House plants not only look cute, they offer an array of health benefits. Indoor plants work to clear the air of carbon dioxide and release oxygen which assists in easier breathing. They also assist in increasing focus and productivity, overall health improvements, and act as a natural humidifier by releasing water into the air as part of their photosynthetic process.

Portland boasts an impressive list of well stocked, knowledgeable green thumbs. Whether you are just starting out, or adding to the family, the below storefronts are well worth checking out.

1. Arium Botanicals

2046 NE Martin Luther King Jr Blvd, Portland, OR 97212
Friendly staff and a great selection. Arium cycles through their plants quickly and are always restocking with new and interesting plant life. Many of their ceramic pots are sourced from local artists.


2. Pistils Nursery

3811 N Mississippi Ave Suite 1, Portland, OR 97227
In the heart of Portland’s historic Mississippi District, Pistils offers a thoughtfully curated collection of indoor and outdoor plants, house-made living art pieces and home goods. This small nursery carries exotic and everyday plants, terrariums, urban farm supplies and gifts. Oh, and they’re one of the few places we’ve seen that sells moss balls!

3. Eco-Vibe Home

1906 NE Alberta St, Portland, OR 97211
Well curated local plant and lifestyle store. They donate 1% of sales to 1% For The Planet, nice to know when you make a purchase here you are giving back to environmental causes.

4. Solabee’s Flowers

801 N Killingsworth St. Portland, OR 97217
This local shop places strong emphasis on utilizing their local resources and allow the seasons to help guide their designs. Solabee’s offers floral delivery, event design as well as an extensive knowledge of the world of indoor plants. They also specialize in turning your interior space into a personal jungle at a reasonable price.

5. Portland Nursery 

5050 SE Stark St. Portland, OR 97215
This place stocks it all! Trees, shrubs, perennials, natives, annuals, grasses, herbs, houseplants and all the gardener needs for healthy, happy plants including tools, amendments, furniture and pottery. From Aloe to Zygopetalum, they cover the alphabet with choices for your home or office; plants for your brightest window or your darkest corner, those that will love the humidity near your shower or prefer a dry, sunny spot. Orchids, succulents, indoor bonsai and cactus.

6. Roosevelt’s Terrariums 

1510 SE 44th Ave., Unit. 101, Portland, OR 97215
This terrarium shop is at the corner of 44th and Hawthorne in the hippest part of Portland, Oregon. Step inside and you’ll feel like you are visiting a free natural history museum. Purchase already assembled terrariums of all sizes or make your own. If you aren’t confident in your green thumb they offer a life-time, no-fault warranty on any terrrarrium planted in their shop. They’ll also help you repair, replant or replace plants if your terrarium starts to look a bit sad.